UVa | A R C H 2013

End of the Semester Review

This is my last blog post of the semester! 😦

I really enjoyed this class.  I’ve always been interested in sustainability and this class allowed me to explore it more in depth and connect it to what I have been working on in studio.

From this class, I have been most interested in ways to regulate the temperature within a building without relying on an HVAC system.  I am really intrigued by buildings that use systems such as double skin walls and geothermal heating and I think that this will become just some of the things that will be standard in buildings in the future.  I think this class has taught my classmates and I that it isn’t difficult to think about energy efficiency and that it actually adds to the quality of our designs and the connection to the natural world like the sun and wind.


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  charchitecture wrote @

Posted at 4:55 pm, nice. I really enjoyed this class as well. I think the most beneficial part of it was utilizing what we learned into our studio projects. Sustainability is something we need to take into account early because it will be very necessary in the real world.

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