UVa | A R C H 2013

McIntire Park and its habitats

Since I have been a student at UVa, the city of Charlottesville has been debating the development of McIntire park.  McIntire park is one of the largest parks in Charlottesville, divided by a road into two parts.  One part, which includes a golf course, a wading pool, and softball fields, isn’t as utilized as much and there have plans made to develop it into a YMCA, a botanical garden, and park of a parkway.  Not only would this disintegrate the habitats of the wildlife living in the park, but it would also have an effect on the quality of life of the residents living in Charlottesville.  The park would no longer be open to public, and what is left to enjoy would only be offered to members of the facilities.  We simply cannot hand over park lands to be developed by private companies because once it is developed it is something the city can never get back and be returned to its original state.

source: http://www.readthehook.com/83594/cover-save-mcintire-what


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  charchitecture wrote @


I’m glad you wrote about this topic because I had not idea a bout this issue. I think they should really advertise McIntire Park more and hold more events there. It could be a great place to bring the Charlottesville community (townspeople and college students) together.


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