UVa | A R C H 2013

Permeable patches of UVA grounds

In discussion yesterday, we talked about how the grounds of UVA are continually reaching out into the surrounding areas of Charlottesville.  But is the University simply moving outwards? Or is the city of Charlottesville also moving in?  I feel that one of the great things about UVA is the relationship we have with the surrounding community and the partnerships we have with its several institutions.  Not only does the community offer us many resources (churches, markets, restaurants, etc.), but the University also gives a lot to our neighbors (the art museum, concerts, sporting events, festivals).  I think the fact that UVA isn’t a closed campus and does have “fingers” stretching out into Charlottesville extends the relationship we have with the city, when compared with gated or closed campuses.  By simply allowing the flow between the two systems, there is naturally a desire to collaborate and connect with each other.



  annesleyb wrote @

I completely agree, and I believe that the connection the University shares with the surrounding city is something that makes Charlottesville really unique. If we had a more closed off campus, I think the residents of Charlottesville would see us as a much more exclusive community and the relations would become more hostile. Events such as trick-or-treating on the lawn bring locals into our community, and this two-way relationship is what makes this town work. Without the surrounding city, UVA would lose a lot of it’s attraction to potential students because Charlottesville contains so many fun things like the farmers market and the Downtown Mall, and without the University, it would be difficult for Charlottesville to sustain all of its smaller, local businesses. It serves as a continuous system where one element is dependent on the other, and hopefully it will remain that way for many years to come. What would happen if UVA were to expand by a few thousand more students? Would it have a significant impact on the Charlottesville community or just within the University?

  sonaduygur wrote @

I am not sure if I think like the way you think about this issue. To be more clear I question myself how much it is possible to stretch in Charlottesville. I totally agree that there are so many unique things to where we ar, like in the previous comment: farmers market or the Downtown Mall itself. However in the daily life I feel like it is all UVA and the rest is not that included to what we do throughout a day. We know that they are there but are they included enough to our life?
In addition to that I personally love the history and the relations between buildings and how they all make a real sense together as well as individually related to the architecture of UVA.

  charchitecture wrote @

I think there really is a kind of give-and-take between the university and Charlottesville. While the university certainly provides for a large amount of the economy, one of the many reasons why people choose UVA, including myself, is because of Charlottesville. The destinations (Blue Hole, Humpback, Downtown Mall, the Tavern) are all places that allow people to explore the city. I don’t think it is a matter of one moving outwards or inwards, but rather a flexibility between the college town and the city providing for one another.

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