UVa | A R C H 2013

Solar Diagram of Arts Grounds

The primary solar window of this area is from February to November between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. I would use this knowledge as an architect by realizing that this area gets a lot of direct sun and warms up very easily (which is probably also due to the brick surface). This means that I would need a find a way to divert the sunlight from entering my spaces to prevent it from becoming too hot in the summer months. During the winter months, however, I would want to use this sunlight to warm the spaces.


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  charchitecture wrote @

This space looks very familiar! You make very good points about the sun path and its relationship to the site. It might be interesting to add that with the strong solar window, this open space allows for us a-schoolers to take nice photographs of our models with a large amount of natural sunlight coming through.

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